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Join me and my friends as we return to Pine Hollow to revisit Carol, Stevie, and Lisa and wonder how in the world these pre-teens were allowed to run wild in a lesson barn.

I’m reading through the entire series from start to finish and writing about every book. You can also check out The Plaid Horse twice a month to read an overview of several books at once that will go more into the themes of this iconic series.

About Jess

Me & my BFF, Mo (JC name Go Big)

I’m a late-30s millennial who was six years old when the first Saddle Club book came out. My dad, an English teacher who loved his horse-crazy kid, got me started on the series immediately and I never looked back. I’ve always been a completist and thus insisted on having all of the books and reading them in order. I’m not sure where I stopped exactly, but I’m thrilled to be indulging that impulse again.

Outside of this blog, I’m the podcast director and a writer for The Plaid Horse Magazine, an event rider, a thoroughbred enthusiast, and a member of a real live Saddle Club for grown ups. We’re five adults who live in three different states and meet at my farm twice a year with our horses, dogs, and wine glasses to ride, watch Mean Girls, and braid flowers into my mini pony’s mane.

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Can’t get enough? Check out Show Strides, a series of novels about riding, horse shows, and what it takes to succeed in the sport we all love.

What People Say

Growing up reading The Saddle Club this book took me back to those days. I loved the messages the book portrayed about hard work, dedication and learning to handle disappointment. These concepts were woven in throughout a great story that had me reading from cover to cover. If there is a horse crazy kid in your life, don’t think twice buy it now!

H Messineo

A fun read for the pre-teen. Good story line and good characters. I like that there wasn’t a mean girl at the barn, there is enough negativity in the world already. I like the ending and hope it means this will become a series. Clearly written by people who know horses!


I purchased this book for my 12 year old niece who is currently obsessed with anything and everything horses. Her mom sent me a text to let me know she wouldn’t put the book down, was bringing it to school, and even to the barn to show her riding trainer. We got rave reviews from her and she asked when the next books will be released. Looking forward to sending her more as they become available. Thanks for supplying horse crazy kids a family friendly, horse-related book for youngsters to enjoy!

Liz D

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